About Server Bone

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Our Story

The parent company of ServerBone has been involved in providing quality internet access and hosting services since 2007. One of the very first dedicated server and virtual web hosting companies in the world, designed what is most likely the very first remote reset device ever created. steadily grew from a local Internet Service Provider in the 1990s into a regional Internet leader with presence in many major cities. Once mass adoption of the internet took hold and broadband became more common, the demand for dedicated servers and hosting expanded at an exponential rate.

We Improve Your Business

Today, ServerBone continues to grow with a development roadmap well into the future. The ServerBone is privately owned and operated by ServerBone. the datacenter ensures that ServerBone can both expand to a virtually unlimited size and that we can control costs. Many datacenters are simply leased (or sub-leased) square footage which can lead to problems similar to what happened after the dot com bust when many large companies sold off some of their datacenters

Amazing Team

ServerBone has always remained on the forefront of making new technology available to its customers and partners.

Amir Farahzadi
Sales Manager

a network of Sales Engineers and Agents, coordinated by area managers, covers the entire domestic territory

Masih Arastoy

Starting from this philosophy, our company developed throughout the years a widespread presence both

Hamid Ebrazi
Technical Support

A strong relationship with the Customer represents a fundamental item in the process of sharing.

Nina Fox
Graphic Designer

respond to all commercial and on-site technical service requirements of our customers.Thanks to highly

Our Histoty

our staff is capable of accurately managing any situation related to the orders in progress and to deliveries, so as to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction.

Fast Load Time
20 July 2017

Fast Load Time.

Great Support
20 July 2017

Great Support.

Domains & Emails
20 July 2017

Domains & Emails.

Easy Instalation
20 July 2017

Easy Instalation.

High Quality Equipment
20 July 2017

High Quality Equipment.

Our Clients

Each of our sales managers is prepared to help you purchase the right books for your customers. Please contact us if you would like information about using our Service.


At Server ServerBone, we take pride in being one of the leading companies in Customer Care and IT Support. We believe in providing every single customer with the same attention and care as if they were our only customer. It is that philosophy that sets us apart from other leading competitors.

The server you built for us is running great. It's fast, reliable and performing admirably. The service/uptime and network has been great as well. We are very happy with the no- nonsense service you provide! So keep up the great work and thank you to all there.

anna doe

I know its not much from a relatively small time customer like myself but i appreciate everything the support staff at SB does for me. You really go above and beyond anything ive ever seen in the past...

Server Manager

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for providing the best technical support I've ever encountered, bar none. You've been remarkably responsive and patient

inna darck

I should thank you for doing a brilliant job. You have taken away half of my work and pre-interviewing and sending me the excellent candidates

anna doe
QA Team Lead

Thanks again for your massive help with hiring. It’s a real pleasure working with you.

Head of Internal

You've got some great people getting great results

Team Lead